Resolving Technical Issues of Gmail Account

As a user it is your sole responsibility to ensure that it stays secure and keeps off all the troubles at bay. But in case you are unaware of the problems that might be secretly attacking your account and restricting you from accessing your account then immediately.

There are a range of troubles and issues that might arise in your mail account. Some of the issues are listed below:-

Problem in Signing up and Log-in Issues

Gmail is widely praised mail account for number of reasons. Some of the features of Gmail that keeps it different from other webmail service providers are storage space, instant messaging, calendar, mobile applications and IMAP and POP system. Sign up is a simple process where it asks you for some verification. There are several applications that are encompassed in the account as in customization of Gmail, in box configuration, two step password security, key board short cuts and storage space which cannot be appropriately managed or executed without the help. Thus need to support where solve issues. Log in issues may arise because of wrong username or password. In case the user has forgotten the password then there is adequate need of expert advice in order to fix the issues. Forum discussion can be most helpful to solve this issue.

Trouble Accessing Gmail on Phone

Most of the modern day users prefer to access all their applications via mobile phone. Accessing Gmail through mobile is more easy and flexible method. There are different applications as in IOS, blackberry and android that are developed for mobiles and are made compatible for mobiles and run different browsers like Google Chrome, opera mini and many more. Most of the times the trouble of accessing the mail account from phone occurs mainly because users change the Gmail password web browser or probably have failed to enter exact Captcha verification. Fill in details properly to overcome the trouble

Getting Spam Mails

Spam mails are nothing but distractions and encompass mailing links that might cause damage to your account. Spam may include malware, viruses, malicious links, Trojan horses and several other complications. Thus it is always advisable to have a strong mechanism of anti-virus in your account. In case you find any trouble in installing the anti-virus then you can follow the installation steps

How to remove ads From My Gmail account?

Is the Google ads are pestering you? But, unfortunately we want to say that there is no option for removing it, unless the time you upgraded to a premium version. The premium versions of Gmail are not so costly, its plans starting a price at $5USD. You can assure that the Google ads never be annoy you. But, there are many times you might have noticed popup ads in your Gmail. This is not because of the Google ads; instead it was happened because of some extensions like infolinks being installed in your account. To remove such popup ads, we are suggesting you to uninstall the extensions from there.

Is my Google account will vanish, if I delete my Gmail account?

No, nothing will happen to your Google account. While, the time of deletion, Gmail ask you -what to delete and what not to delete. Choose your option there and it works accordingly on the basis of your suggestion. But, you no need to worry: there the default shown option is only for deleting the Gmail address, not the entire Google account.

How to retrieve a deleted Gmail address?

The messages that you deleted from the Gmail primary and other folders will always appeared in the trash folder. You can restore the deleted messages from the trash folder. However, the messages that have been in the trash folder more than 30 days will be automatically deleted. To avoid such a crisis, move now your needed messages from the trash folder from the desired folder. Meanwhile, the messages that you marked as spam, will appear only in the spam folder. Recover it from there by re-directing it to another mail folder.

How to Customize My Gmail Domain?

You are allowable to customize the Gmail domain name ([email protected] to [email protected]) only if you ready to upgrade it to the premium version. For upgrading, you can simply make the required payment (based on your plans) and then change your domain name for more support go to Gmail online support